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Our DC concealed carry course is designed to prepare you for the responsibility of carrying a firearm every day. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, with an emphasis on safety and providing you with valuable tricks of the trade.

Throughout this course, you will acquire essential knowledge and skills, such as basic gun safety rules, firearm selection, legal responsibilities and liabilities associated with carrying a firearm, concealed carry techniques, marksmanship and shooting skills, firearm maintenance and cleaning, situational awareness and threat assessment, and de-escalation and conflict resolution strategies. This comprehensive training will empower you to make informed decisions and safely carry your concealed firearm with confidence.

Cost: $299 + ($40 range fee) 
16 Hours over 2 days of Classroom and Range Training 
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-6pm
(Signing up automatically registers you for both days)
5051 Branchville Rd. College Park, Md 20740 
Certificate: You will receive a qualified DC Concealed Carry training certificate (for a DC concealed carry permit).
Students are encouraged to bring the following items to class. However, we provide loaners free of charge if you don't have them :
  • firearm 
  • gun holster and jacket 
  • 2-3 magazines and mag holders 
  • FREE eye and ear protection 
  • at least 100 rounds of ammo (leave ammunition in your car until instructed otherwise). Ammo
    is not included but is available for purchase
  • comfortable clothes (no V-neck shirts) 
  • drinks and snacks 


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